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You can always rely on for any advice related to beauty, nutrition, health, and wellness. Add to that, we’ll be taking nuggets from industry experts when creating our posts to ensure that our articles are evidence-based.

Passionate About Beauty

We kicked off Bregoline in 2021 as an answer to everything beauty, skincare, and lifestyle related. As a beauty-centric site, we’re passionate about the latest trends, skincare essentials, tricks, and tips in the beauty industry.

Today, you may find us obsessing over the latest active ingredient promising to meet all your skincare needs. Tomorrow, we might be caught breaking into bits the concept of natural beauty practices.

Our Editor-in-chief has worked with dozens of beauty brands, noteworthy of them are Cocoon Apothecary, CocoBaba, African Origin Oils, Elique Organics, Marjani Beauty, Simple As That, Polk Apothecary, and Navinka Skincare.

Expert Beauty Advice

As a brand, we believe that each human is beautiful and unique in their own way, and that’s why we do not have beauty standards.

You are welcome into our beauty cove, irrespective of your skin tone, hair type, background, or gender.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the beauty goodies we’ll be leaving with you. Don’t just take our word for it, try us!


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